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Some of Democracy.. lot of unjustice
some of Truth... lot of Lies
Some of Love... lot of Hate

this is their civilization of our 21th century...
just a story of their Wrong Democracy..

read some of the pain flooded above
try to feel with out judgement
sorry because the article is soooo much long, it's a long story of their wrong democracy..
Those who think that we are "terrorist's suporters" -because we are against unwanted politicians policies or because we elevate the banners of anti war activists- are wrong, we don't care about this terrorists because they are finished in our vision jumbling in the Hell, they represent a simple inevitability consequence of spoiledness and raise the color of strange phenomena which reflect foolish rebellion and illegal revolution of non contentment where the ultimate victims are always innocent civilians not culpable despotic statesmen...
This actual wrong democracy of wrong leaders can gives them right to be extremists (is democracy against freedom of "say what u want" or "be as you like" ?!!!, there's no limits i think) sign of absolute freedom is that this silly democracy gives freedom to perverted people which are living in statutory ethical and immoral social extremism, this last democracy unfortunately was applied in parliaments by changing laws and constitutions. In their courageous democracy, there is no shame when man become wife or when pornography become with its firms and channels legitimate, don't care about millions of kids and girls who will live under obsession and sexual deviation since their childhood, this is the democracy, perversion is permissible, just write this magic word "-18" to be considered as brave protector and civilized server. Walking nude everywhere means democracy but putting veil on your head means danger on the republic laws, it means feeble mindedness... liberate your animal instinct means democracy, but imposing moral customs and social conventions means backwardness and why not terrorism, because terrorism become synonym of Islam's lovers, and Islam today stay the ultimate religion that reject strongly all kinds of moral and social perversity... this is a beginning but not all the beginning....
some future-terrorists start their opposition from here, they hate this new and imperative mode of life ordained on their conservative societies, they don't accept that the occident impose on their parliaments its new constitutions and laws with the name of openness & human rights, these future terrorists were subnormal, inflexible and aberrant, the occident with their Allies from chairs lovers can exploit them for dirtying the image of the most growing religion in the world, which is the image of the successful and peaceful Islam, all regimes in the Islamic world after independence were laics, no chance to built an islamic state, Iran made the exception with its revolution, America lost a strategic ally, Iran become enemy & rebel, Iran become terrorist even it wasn't like that, it must become .. and a contagion of Iran born in the occident especially usa 1 Israel as a big and dangerous fear... and till now we don't understand the problem of the occident with the Islamic reign, if they saw Islamic reign as a fire, those who haven't straw on their venter mustn't have fear from fire... we think that this people want this islamic reign on its lands and borders, is this a problem for the occident? have they fear from a new international monopole as it was happened with the soviet bloc?... even if this is true, none can stop others to become more powerful and developed, this is democracy, and this is the logic of civilization's cycle…
America and Israel with the occident haven't a magic hand to stay (politically) the leadership of our planet forever, and if they work to guard this with force they must believe that they are working for more enemies, defiants or challengers.. give others their freedom and chances to live as they like, love for them what you hope for yourself ...if i am an egoist, i'll try to cut hands of all those who can be more optimum than me, but surely i know that one day, a more powerful hand will cut mine, because i was the first unjust ....
in the focus of the occidental democracy, i saw that oppressed people (in political camps and jails as future-terrorists ), can damage the future of all the world, because torture and repression generate violent revenge and reprisal, they have right in all cases as citizens to demand from their parliaments to give them some rights to live as they like according to their social or cultural heritage, they were peaceful civilians too, but politicians make from them real terrorists just to keep their chairs, this future-terrorists (today simple opposition ) have democratic rights to live as they were accustomed to live, but none likes to understand them, politicians inflate their danger as radical religious or ideological parties and declare with the blessing of the occident since 50's an inequitable crazy war on their movements...

Violence, vigor or might never resolved a problem, this terrorists have a problem, psychic or social even political, some of those fanatics born because of the extermination of their choice to be benefic in their society.. some of them are erased just because of their radical ideology, in the middle east and north Africa for instance they worked to establish an Islamic old-fashioned governments, but they didn't know that this is forbidden from the occident authority, religion mustn't be a constitution in the world, because of this Iran represent the pit of "Axe of Evil".. but they forget that Israel were built on religious concepts and till now it haven't chance to continue without its ideological dream... what is the difference between the right and left of political parties and these ones... Fighting radicalism is a new corner of the failure of this democracy, these strict and godly religious expressly in oriental societies think and believe that they have rules conforming to principles (social or cultural or religious), and sometimes the majority of conservative population think like them, don't giving them a possibility to prove their existence push them strongly to manifest then to revolt, then to be forcedly terrorist because none want to listen or to think about what they believe, more flagrant than this, they were arrested and hardly tortured, prisons and camps of all the third world interpret this military and political reigns since 50's (after the end of the European colonialism era), a truculent attack against Egyptian Muslim brother's were a realistic specimen. Today, the clear sample is what we see in the American Guantanamo dungeons, no difference, no mercy....
The occident keep the benefic democracy to his people and export an autocratic one to our lands, so to its colonies... what's the problem of the occident with Islam?, imagine that the occident today help the minority of laic Turkish opposition to block a Muslim leader from an Islamic party to become "President"? the army can do that? is this democracy?... why did EU. reject turkey, which is laic 100% even with an Islamic party in the government?, was Islam an enemy of democracy?, fighting Islam with the name of terrorism means clearly a return to a new kind of crusades? this hate means strongly a false understanding of democracy.

Perhqps you want to ask me, why you concentrite your discours on ideological and religeous parts, I'll reply that this wrong democracy didn’t take in consideration our deep ideological and spiritual beliefs, lot of conflicts are basically ideological, since 1948, Arabs (Muslims and Christians) feel the pain in their occupied holy sanctuaries, the Israelis Immigrants make the life of Palestinians everywhere an infinite catastrophic tragedy under the anger of our eyes. the occidental citizens don’t care about what happened in our of their countries, they live in paradise, no siege, no occupation, no crises, their Media minimize the crimes of their support to Israel as much as possible, this modern world don’t know that Palestinians pay the invoice of this eternal Holocaust.. we want to prove as humanity and rights lovers that the international peace can't be touched without the resolution of this conflict…an Israeli wrote to me one day that America and Europe support forever Israel, and this enough for him, this message push me to think twice, what's the problem of the occident with our nations, why did they work for ever to crush our destiny….. is this an old liquidation with Muslims and Arabs?, was this conflict planified by the occident? Why? For the love of Israel? There was no Israel before?.. which logic is leading in this world? What is the role of UN? Is democratic that 5 Vito reign 200 states? Is democratic that 1 American vito break down any decision against the systematic crimes of Israel????, this silence of the majority of the occidental world make sign that it exist an old real liquidation with Arabs and Islam?????, trying to forget the date of 1948, even the borders of 1967 can't be discussed with the Israeli administration…is their an administration living out of law like Israel???, when Saddam play with Kuwait, the occident ride the storm, a 3rd world war against Iraqi people?, 13 years under siege, than a catastrophic invasion in 2003… saddam were enjoying in his castles when hangry citizens were falling as birds under American famishment then bombs… what wonderfull democracy? Fishing with left the dictator in Baghdad, and supporting with right the Apartheid in Tel-Aviv… with the words of God, Bush hear that America will liberate Iraqi people, even if they risk to revert them 1000 century to the past… with the words of God, America ;must support Israel even if this push all Palestinians to fall down as birds under raids and famishment and bombs… this is their wrong democracy? isn't this ideologically designed?????.

Christians and Jews were living freely under the Islamic rules, they are for us "People of the Book", our problem with them is not "their Judaism or Christianity, but their big hate and denial to Mohammad's prophecy", after 15 century, the occident still denying the existence of the positive role of our Islamic civilization… don't deny the truth and never falsify the history, our kids study objectively the occidental history, when in the occident Agenda, 1000 years of missing history were erased from their books, why they deny the real Islamic legacy, why they don't recognize its favor on the history of science and civilization's development, who know something about the difference of mode of life in the obscure Europe of Middle ages and this greatest capitals around the Islamic world "Cordoba, Granada, Fes, Tanger, Bejaia, Tlemcen, Algiers, Tunis, Kairaouan, Cairo, Al-Qods, Istanbul, Edirna, Isfahan, Aleppo, Damascus, Bagdad, Samarkand, Bukhara, Lahor, Al-Andalus, Taj-Mahal…" this big cities and lot of others were really the image of an urban and cultured wonderful and forgotten civilization. From the Atlantic to the Indian sea, a great civilization reined the world and it was a strong bridge between antiquity and European renaissance… Islamic world was democratic in the past when its scholars worked with honesty in the translation and the correction and the enrichment, then –indirectly- the transfer of roman and Greek heritage to their great-grandchild of this Modern Europe, why they had never asked the question:" what was happening in the world in the middle ages and how this European renaissance born from nothing?", Latino-Europeans worked hardly on this Muslim scientific and cultural Heritage, none can deny that roots of modern medicine and mathematics belong to its Arabic origins… the occident today never asked why this 1000 years of missing history were lost from their pedagogic books, they want to make from Islamic world, just an udder of oil or only a big nest of terrorism… where was this terrorism before this political Propaganda, Muslims deny it, they hate it.. Muslims today don’t demand Impossible, they just like to prove that their peaceful Islam can be possible as rule of life, all Muslim societies have right to live it, this is democracy, exactly like it was acceptable one day with capitalism or socialism... Muslims had never found in this rules their life and happiness, after centuries of colonialism they want to say "enough", they have right to deny the rules of this hateful and ungrateful occident…is this opposite of democracy?……… [link]

our Algerian experience with terrorism.. learn us that elimination and violence or war never ends this hell, and since the banning of the Islamic parties who won the cancelled elections of 90's, islamist rebels didn't stopped manifesting, it was a general disobedience, it ends by a wide military intervention.. arrested leaders and collaterals call for rebellion, rebels become terrorists, bombing governmental establishments then security forces then innocent civilians, it was the hard knife of their legal revolution but illegal savage attacks... all this tragedy were signed by the both edges, terrorists were killing with the name of "Allah" and Islam, because they that politicians rejects Islamic rules, this is true but don't gave them anywhere right to kill and Allah will show them at the end of their days the real hellfire simply because "killing innocents" in Islam is the most illicit crime of humanity-, the other edge who defend the government were responding with the name of "protecting the state", which state?? leader's state, not people's state, because people had elected this rules for their new democratic state, military leaders will choose the force, they outlaw it ..since 1990, few military chiefs say "NO, Islamic reign" against 90% of election voices of 30 million of citizens, they sign the end of democracy and the beginning of a national tragedy, just a bit of this martial authority worked to say enough flooded bloods... since the first days of coup d'etat, 20 000 prisoners in deserted camps of Algerian Sahara , more than 200 000 victims during 8 years of terrorist attacks and counterattack, more than 4000 prisoners were lost till now.. .. the occident play the role of a perfect spectator, sometimes instigator, terrorist's leaders become legitimate refugees in Europe, they send their orders by air, Algeria become isolated, its name become synonym of "terrorism", this is what i have read in 1998 in its definition on "Larousse dictionary for kids", a beautiful gift from France... we were all loser, the military state must change the look, and when they think about the pardon law, the reconciliation become possible. exhausted and deluded rebels return to their conscience and owns, there's no more beautiful than peace.. the both edges must recognize their mistakes, negotiations make end to ten years of non stop ruin and pain... politicians make sadness of innocents, and also -if they want- their happiness... who were responsible of this tragedy, military politicians who cancelled the elections or the rebels who become terrorists... it was a beginning.

Benladen, this phenomenal idol, make a fabricated headache to American administration... what's the problem of America with Taliban, if Taliban want to govern their country, only Afghans have right to make objections, they have capacity to reject their reign and to revolt... America want to enter her noise every where, so it started the invasion of Afghanistan with the name of their FALLACIOUS democracy, America wants to protect Afghans from the extremism of Taliban, without forget that Taliban worked hardly in 80's with the name of islam to liberate Afghanistan from the soviet occupation, there was Muslims and Arab militants "Mudjahidine" from all the islamic nation, Egyptians, Pakistanis, Algerians, saoudians.. after victory and when Afghanistan become free, they have right today to establish a new Islamic state in Afghanistan.. No, it's impossible.... America found the space open and it can now replace the soviets, this brave militants become a danger on the future of Afghanistan.. Benladen who was one of their brave militants become an enemy... America occupied Afghanistan with the name of ending the danger of Taliban... after that their wanted "benladen" become a terrorist, they prove that he scoop out new York & Washington (if it was really true and if he was logically intelligent and capable to penetrate CIA and FBI at the same the time).. the result.. so America can lance her new conflict in Iraq with the name of terrorism !!!!!!!!!.. and the world forget the misery of afghan people under bombs and siege and war, none care about some thousands of innocent Americans lost because of this politician's game... today none care about daily dozens of civilian Iraqi victims or besieged Palestinians.... America kill all its humanitarian heritage just to dominate a fantastic foolish called "ussama benladen", just to delight the Israeli dream of obtaining more lands, more security, more occupation ... just to have more Oil, more billions of Dollars.

Ussama benladen who was a fanatic cadre of the Algerian terrorists become disguised, projects of the American military domination too. today, benladen isn't for us more dangerous than military regimes here or there, he is like them all, they said that he was an honest fighter in their war against soviets, he was a fidel allies of America.. who can really delving into the real causes of his new fanatics, killing benladen doesn't mean the end of terrorism, executing Saddam never mean the end of dictatorship... perhaps we can end this fanatics only if we cant exterminate all dictators and terrorists around the world but at the same this logical or possible... nooooooooooooooo, no, because we have a relative vision to extremism and terrorism, when the occident consider resistants of Palestinian and Lebanese rights and lands as international terrorists, the balance of truth become immoral... this is a new logic born after this legendary 9/11... we saw that the injustice of international organizations made a new terrorists every minutes... why they didn't impose sanctions on culpable Serbian regime when the Bosnian genocide were dreadful, why they didn't speak about the danger of the clearest terrorism in Algeria of 90's when dozens of hundred victims were killing every year, why none raise the question: "is there one forcible UN. sanction against israel since its creation" (if Americans knew).... how much decision were imposed against (Libya, Sudan Iraq, Iran, Syria...)... what about rotten democracy in confederate regimes around the world, only allies of the occident interests have right to keep their immortal chairs and practice the reign of dictatorship and torture ..
was only Saddam a "dictator"?, where was this democracy when he launch his war against "Iran" and "Kurds" in 80's, with the aids of American technology and intelligence?, where was this democracy, when "Sharon" occupy "Lebanon" in 80's just to terminate the legal resistance of Arafat, where was their human rights when Sharon sign with bravura the Genocide of "Sabra & shateela" and the massacre of "Genine", where was their democracy when Israel bombard "Bethlehem" and "Nablus" and "Gaza" and destroyed the Palestinian presidential residence of Ramallah... where was their democracy when European Union and UN. stopped aids to Palestinian PEOPLE just because they say "yes" to Hamas in their democratic elections,? where was their democracy when the Palestinian PM. were prevented to return home in Rafah just because he have with him some aids to his blocked people?...

only when terrorism touch the occident, especially usa, the phenomena become visual???, only when someone menace the security of Israel the UN say "I am present" this "democracy"???.. the explicit standard of international peace is this: "are you with or against israel, are you Zionist or anti-Semite???"... their strange democracy incriminate who say "Noooooo" who can say the opposite.. the UN. confirm this crime.

their democracy of superiority and fortune don't take care about poor and suffering people, billions of dollars spent everyday in lavishness, cinema and high living when millions of kids died monthly from famishment and diseases around the world... their democracy legalize to send $7,023,288 per day to Israel, but inculpate to send aids to punished Palestinian people simply because they vote for hamas, this elections were wrong, there's no democracy with hamas, hamas lance "small rockets" on israelli troops and illegal settlements around Gaza, strong indices too bush the world to consider hamas as dangerous terrorist organization just because it fight against israelli siege, raids, settlements, separation wall.. and and and a long list of systematic crimes of war, but when israel bombard with dive-domber, when israel assassinate paralyzed leaders "Cheikh Ahmed Yassine, when israel arrest daily demonstrators, when israel demolish Palestinian houses to built daily new settlements, when israel divide with apathy the west bank just to gain more lands for its serpent wall of separation, and and and...all this don't make apart of terrorism, this is a self defending.. which logic is reigning our world?, simple palestinian rebels from the occupied civilians become more dangerous than the 4th strongest army of the world, and they must obligate an international law from America or the UN. to exterminate them.... who is responsible of this Palestinian tragedy? israel, the prodigy state, or the displaced, the isolated and the homeless Palestinians... just write in google search engine, the world "Palestine" to see more pain, ruination, blood and humiliation to this lost human rights ... visit [link]
I dream about a new international parliament!!! Is this possible? I think that this one can manage the world more perfectly than wrong their United Nations, where minority of powerful authority play their games as they like.. can their wrong democracy give chance to all of points of view right to opposite without Vito, without monopole, with the participation of all, even Iran, even North Korea, even Cuba and Venezuela..
in this international parliament I have right as Muslim and Arab to participate in the elections of America.. hahahah don’t ask me why? Simply because I believe that the occidental authority participate in the decision of our nation’s future, the American president for instance can’t be accepted with simple emotions of love to our painful Palestinian cause, Israel participate strongly with Americans when they choose their first leader, We too like to participate, because the American leader manage two nations, “America” and “My wide nation”.. I mustn’t be Iraqi or Palestinian or Afghan to feel that America can make the destiny of these countries, every just and free human around the world can feel this… when we saw this extremist occidental support for Israel we feel that we are guided by the occident, humiliated by Israel… when we remember (Abu Gharib) and all Iraqi houses today are a small image of Abu-Ghrib we feel a savage occupation in our souls.. American president had decide with his administration to use force on our lands, so as democratic act, citizens of our lands have right to choose the future American president because he can simply decide the invasion of more new countries of our lands..

am not defending terrorism acts, i hate all those who kill innocents from the both edges, the reason of my current journal is to express, that their is a big joint problem of democracy in our common world.. Try wholly to erase the real causes of violence and extremism from its roots, not from its results, work everybody and sincerely for an international resolution for peace and human justice.. am not politician, neither genius, am a simple citizen in my country and a human member from our unified world, i like that all those who think like me, say with hi voice, we aren't stupid, we know exactly that this is not the real democracy, you have wrong, because today we live all in a small village, and we know all, we know all. Even if the official occidental Media work to mask the shining of our painful truth… be sure that all of our open-minded citizens everywhere believe in this the truth, they want all even in Israel this international democracy, we hate terrorism makers with oppression and apartheid.. we love justice..
We are not stupid, we know all… we know all
so please dear politicians around the world be respectful people like us and respect our noble humanity, and stop lying, and stop manipulating our destiny with your narrow interests and temporal authority... there's no real democracy in our world... there is no democracy.

this is my short story, the real story of their wrong democracy...
this is the story of our developed and civilized world in the 21th century...

signed by Salimekki, April 2007

read also: We just have the Justice of sky [link]
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ArakeeAshtar Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You make an excellent point but i would like to remind you that "muslim brothers " is created by america half a century ago which was the first seed in creating whahabism or salafism or more extremists they have done america's job in ruining islam's peaceful reputation
Just take alook at syria the show you people fighting for freedom against bashar al assad as good guys while in reality they're not even syrian they're just hollish,french or others holding rifles and wearing their beards long
As for erdogan and the current islamist turkish governement (shown to you as peaceful islam abiding peace seeking government by saudi ,qatari and western media) is to fool you erdogan is just a self claimed muslim and is corrupt he is a part of the saudi.qatari turkish union than represent america in the area..and the show you the people that stand against erdogan as people who wish for a non muslims who wish for courption and what not .trueth is erdogan is just using islam as a cover
PictishWarlord13 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2012
This is very long, and very strange.
tigergirl1945 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2012
Ahh, I dont know what you're definition of the holocaust is but the arab israeli conflict doesnt even come close on either front. for one, in the last 60 years of the conflict there have been 7000-8000 palestinian deaths, including terrorists and civilains. Now thats too large a number but the holocaust it isnt. Now lets look at china which has been occupying tibet since 1949, over a million tibetans and counting have been slaughtered.
And please never say 'we know all' you do not socrates once said 'I know I am intellegent because I know that I know nothing' truer words were never spoken.
The EU rejected Turkey because it denies the armenian genocide, a totally seperate issue.
Theologies are bad but israel isnt a religous state. Now religon does have a play, in Israel domestissues are solved in reliogous courts. If I am a muslim and I have a divorce issue, I go to an islamic court to solve it, if I am Jewish, same thing.
The resistance of Arafat was not legal, he was a terrorist who only later renounced his ways. He killed innocent civiliand by the hundreds.
And what does Osame bin laden have to do with israel? America was persuing interests with Sadi Arabia before israel was a state.
There arent any illegal settlements 'around gaze' thats an excuse, those are israeli cites and hamas is a terrorist who abuses human rights to its fellow palestinians and israelis alike. They cripple and murder innocent palestinians for no reason and its sick.
'If americans knew,' I'm sorry to say, isnt a very reliable site.
And America does send aid to palestine and the PA, as does the EU! They just dont send it to Gaze because they dont want to fund hamas. Israel sends feul and food into gaza, however.
Osama was a Saudi, not an algerian.
They shouldnt have voted for hamas. The Germans elected hitler and they got punished for it. I dont wish pain or suffering on any innocent but you shouldnt defend theri electing a terrorist group. Israel doesnt target civilians but the coward terorists use human sheilds and civilians get in the way.
I have no love for sharon and I wont defend his occupation of lebanaon, it was stupid. Luckily they pulled out, though Syria occupied that land for many years after israel had left.
I have friends who are palestinian an I'd like to debate with you on this a little more if you would, it would be productive.
ArakeeAshtar Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I don't know you but i love you already..such beautiful peaceful opinions should be taught in schools i mean it takes two sides to declare war not one i don't agree of half the opinions of "free palestine" or their course of action because it is sponsered by terorrists who only wish for death we don't care aboute wether it's palestine or israel as long as we seek peace between the two after all land doesn't belong to any human all the best wishes from an iraqi shia muslim
Urikson Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2009
"Israel were built on religious concepts" this shows the Arabs lack of basic understanding of Western civilization. Israeli was created for the Jewish *nation* not the Jewish religion.

The problem is that ethnic and national identity is very weak in the Islamic world so they really can't grasp the whole concept of secular identity.

And democracy does not meaning being nice to everyone, democracy means the rule of the people (as opposed to king or god) this is all.
salimekki Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
This is your vision
democratically i respect it, i wish that you have envy to respect mine
about Judaism, i invite you to respond "Jewish" people who are againt the establishment o this "illegal" state according "religious" reasons and arguments, they refuse completely the creation of "nation for Jews"
about the meaning of democracy, nothing can opposite the idea that "Allah", "God" is the "Absolute" Justice, all human beings are equal, "Zionists", perhaps "Jews" too, has explicitly a racist differentiation with other nations (even Christians), when i remember what happened in occupied "Palestinian lands", i remember Hitler the Nazi, a same projection, the same extermination operations...
about Arabs and Muslims, a great difference between what you hear and see about this people and their (neglected) holly concepts..
Islam is not Muslims, he is extremely lost as the real "Judaism" and the forgotten "Christianity"...

thank you
Urikson Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2009
That blubbering you just spouted here really has nothing to do with my statement.

You are still incapable of understanding the difference between religion and nation and equality and democracy. I suggested you check these terms in a dictionary.
extraproximity-en Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2008   Writer
I don't know much about your country.
But in my country Islamic Parties' democracy concept is : "I am free to do eveything, even it makes harm to you, even it destroys everything."
For them democracy is a tool to bring facism, not a goal to achieve.
I will not comment for your country, because you may have different story about that...
salimekki Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
really we can do
alll... all
from all nation, and religions
with all interests and languages
forbid egoism this is the solution..

thank you dear
WiseWanderer Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2008
I despair that mankind can never live in unity. They never have, they don't now, and they probably never will. Brother will always kill brother. As much as I don't like it, it seems to be the human way. If we live the best lives we know, that is all we can do.
salimekki Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
painful thought
but we must continu living

take care about your ART.
MubarakAlMutairi Featured By Owner May 26, 2007  Student Writer
Some grammar mistakes, but nice read...
salimekki Featured By Owner May 28, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
trully thanx
i love your frankly presence.. sorry this my level..i'll try to do the best next time..
soraya217 Featured By Owner May 6, 2007
c'était magnifique, t'as vraiment écrit tout ca? mashAllah.
je vais vérifier mon larousse, on sait jamais,il est récent mais je veux voir si ca y est encore.
par rapport au terrorisme, on peut pas le cautionner, mais si y en avait pas, et que il n'y avait pas cette crainte, les musulmans ne serait plus du tout respecté, déja en France puis dans le monde.
c'est depuis que il y a du terrorisme que je ne fme ais plus aggressé ou insulté, les kafiroun ont peur maintenant! Allah yehdihom, salam
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